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Grow and develop Oklahoma's visual arts community through education, promotion, connection, and funding.

The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition (OVAC) helps artists realize their potential through education, promotion, connection, and funding. Organized in 1988, OVAC is a non-profit organization that supports visual artists living and working in Oklahoma. OVAC promotes public interest in the arts and helps people of all ages understand the visual arts.

Our Values




Art ​is essential

Art creates a positive economic impact

Art raises the quality of life

Adopted in October 2019, our current strategic initiatives include focusing on the state by six defined regions through programming, board leadership, donors, and marketing. To see the full plan, click below.

Our Team

FY 2022 Meetings & Minutes

ARTPSACE at Untitled | 1 NE 3rd St, OKC | 11am

Dunlap Codding | 609 W Sheridan Ave, OKC | 11am

Zoom Meeting | 11am

Zoom Meeting | 11am

FY 2021 Meetings & Minutes

Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting

FY 2023 Meetings & Minutes

October 22, 2022

Zoom Meeting | 11am

January 28, 2023

Location TBD | 11am

April 22, 2023

Location TBD | 11am

21c Museum Hotel | 900 W Main, OKC | 11am

Fernando's creative journey is solid, from his roots in Oklahoma City as the Design and PR Manager for ARTSPACE at Untitled, to his contributions as the Marketing and Membership Manager for OVAC.

With a Master's Degree in Strategic Communication and Branding, as well as a Bachelor's in Industrial Design, Fernando's expertise is diverse.

He has studied Trend Forecasting and jewelry making in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and also taught design at the University of Aguascalientes, Mexico. Fernando's passion for the arts has led him to assume key roles in major cultural events and institutions. He served as the Head of Department for Marketing, Design, and Promotion for the renowned San Marcos National Fair, one of Latin America's largest festivals. Additionally, his directorship of the College of Creative Arts at Cuauhtemoc University in Aguascalientes involved overseeing five major programs.

Fernando is excited to cultivate and maintain positive relationships with donors, members, sponsors, and community partners.

Contact for: Art 365, Program Sponsorships, Corporate and Community Partnerships, 12x12 Art Fundraiser

Fernando Calvillo
Community Relations Director

(405) 879-2400 Ex. 1

B. Williams
Fall Intern

B. WIlliams, an Oklahoma City native, has always created visual art.  With a wide variety of experiences, he embarked on a professional journey that uniquely blends creativity and discipline.  B. initially honed his skills through a BFA in Visual Art from Oklahoma City University, setting a strong foundation for his artistic endeavors.  Beyond the canvas, he’s a been a middle and high school art teacher, he’s also proudly served as an Infantry Officer in the Army. With his roots in Oklahoma, B. has returned to make his mark on OVAC and the Oklahoma art market.

Karis Chambers
Marketing & Membership Manager

Karis is an artist, designer and arts advocate who received their BFA from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, followed by an MFA from the State University of New York at Buffalo.
Karis is actively affiliated in various artistic initiatives and organizations within Oklahoma, including Art Group OKC, Norman Arts Council, Sunny Dayz Mural Festival, Plaza Walls, and the Paseo Arts Association. Karis has been consistently involved with OVAC as a volunteer and committee member, receiving OVAC's Golden Donut Award in 2022. Through their participation in these groups, Karis has forged strong connections within the Oklahoma arts community. By collaborating with fellow artists and supporting local talents, Karis aims to foster a sense of unity and empowerment among Oklahoma artists.

One of Karis's primary goals is to address the financial disparity within the arts. They recognize the challenges that artists face in accessing resources and opportunities due to financial constraints. By striving to bridge this gap, Karis actively seeks ways to provide collective resources and support to Oklahoma artists. Their efforts are geared towards creating a more inclusive and equitable environment where all artists can thrive and flourish.

Contact for: Virtual Artist Gallery, Website, Calendar, Artist Survival Kit, Membership, Outreach

(405) 879-2400 Ex. 3

Ariana Weir
Administrative & Artist Relations  Manager

Ariana was born and raised in Oklahoma City. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Visual Art with an emphasis in printmaking. During her time at OU she completed internships with OVAC as well as ARTSPACE at Untitled to learn more about the Oklahoma art community. She currently spends her time working at OVAC and continuing her artistic practice.

Contact for: Art Crit Night, Grants for Artists, Thrive

(405) 879-2400 Ex. 5

ARIANA 2_edited.jpg
_MG_7090 (1).jpg

Rebecca Kinslow has over 20 years of experience as an arts leader specializing in event-planning, marketing, community development, grantmaking, program management and organizational development in the non-profit, higher education and government sectors.  

Rebecca has led the development and oversight of programs, partnerships, financial investments and cultural and racial equity strategies designed to support stronger arts & cultural organizations. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Cameron University, and an Executive Certificate in Arts & Cultural Strategy and Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership from University of Pennsylvania.  She has served on Americans for the Arts’ County Arts Network and Equitable Investments Advisory Committee, the Create Justice Network Peer Learning Action Group, the Program Advisory Committee for the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville, the Government Alliance for Racial Equity Arts Workgroup, and as a board member of the Lawton Philharmonic Orchestra.

Contact for: Fiscal Sponsorships, Partnerships, Art Focus Oklahoma, Accessibility 

Rebecca Kinslow
Executive Director

(405) 879-2400 Ext. 4

What We Do

To support artists on the business side of their practice, we offer educational opportunities through our Artist Survival Kit (ASK) series and resources. Additionally, we offer opportunities for artists to show their work through exhibitions and our online virtual gallery. We give funding to artists through our Grants for Artists and Fellowship Awards. Artists can also find calls for artists on our website and OK Artist Opportunities Facebook Group.

See: Programs, Resources, Membership, and Artist Gallery

For the Community

Through our exhibitions and our publication Art Focus Oklahoma, we connect the community to the visual arts in our state. Additionally, our OK Art Crawl and Tulsa Art Studio Tour provide ways for the community to meet local artists and learn about their work.

See: Programs  and Art Focus Oklahoma

For Educators

Alongside each of our exhibitions, we create a curriculum guide that teachers and parents can use with their students. We create a quarterly High School E-News for high school teachers and students that lists opportunities and events. Many educators also use our publication Art Focus Oklahoma in their classrooms.

See: Educator Resources, Programs, and Art Focus Oklahoma

For Artists

OVAC Job Openings

At this time we do not have any available job openings. Be sure to follow our social media pages and keep checking back for future opportunities.

OVAC Intern Pic - B (9 23).jpg

Board of Directors

Doug Sorocco, President, OKC

Jon Fisher, Vice President OKC
Diane Salamon, Treasurer, Tulsa 
Matthew Anderson, Secretary, Tahlequah 
Jacquelyn Knapp, Parliamentarian, Chickasha

Marjorie Atwood, Tulsa

Barbara Gabel, OKC 
Farooq Karim, OKC 
Kathryn Kenney, Tulsa
John Marshall, OKC 

Kirsten Olds, Tulsa
Russ Teubner, Stillwater 
Chris Winland, OKC 

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