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  • 2023 12x12 Artists

    2023 12x12 Artists Abbie Sears Aditi Heins Adrienne Day Amanda Cole Amanda Solter Amanda Sawyer Amy Sanders de Melo Ander Cardinale Annalisa Campbell AnnaVittoria Conner Ariana Weir Ashley Showalter Austin Artus Bee Doublehue Barbara Benton Bayliegh Fields Behnaz Sohrabian Ben Ezzell Bill Hawk Blue Sage Studios Bridget Trowbridge Bryan Dahlvang Bryon Perdue Jr Candacee White Carla Waugh Carmen Schaar-Walden Carol Webster Cassie Stover Cathy Rowten Chandler Watson Chase Kahwinhut Earles Chris Kent Christen Humphries Christian Dixon Cindy Mason Clayton Beavers Colby Bowers Cori Crawford Cristiana Prado D. Brian Ward Dan Garrett Danette Boswell Darci Lenker David Stevens David Holland Dawn Wiliams Dean Wyatt Deborah Burian Debra Martin Barber Denise Duong Dorshak Blok Dr. Jessica Moore Harjo Dragana Milovic Elizabeth Richards Emily Farris Emily Madden Emily Hoebing Emma Difani Eric Silvestri Erick Perry Evan Beasley Farooq Karim Faye Ann Hatheway Miller Fernando Calvillo Gayle Curry George Oswalt Gregory Taylor Haley Prestifilippo Irmgard Geul Jamal Dhyani Jana LaChance Janet Funk Janie Deupree Jasmine Jones Jason Cytacki Jason Wilson JD Epperson Jenny Lee Jessica Roberts Jim Terrell John Wolfe Justine Cherwink Karis Chambers Katelynn Noel Knick Katherine Liontas-Warren Kathryn Nelson Kathy Soliday Katie Hoffmeier Katy Casillas-Gray Katy Nickell Kendall Schulz Kendall Ross Kerri Shadid Kerry Azzarello Klint Schor Kris Fairchild Kristin Gentry Lana Lopez Lauren Rosenfelt Lauren Schlepp Lauren Florence Laurie Spencer Lawrence Naff Leslie Waugh Dallam Lexi Crothers Lilly Klontz Liz Boudreaux Maddy Witt Madye Stromboli Malcolm Zachariah Marcus Eakers Margaret Aycock Maria Anderson Marilyn Artus Marissa Raglin Mary James Ketch Meg Carlile Micah Hamilton Michael Eggar Micheal W Jones Michelle Himes-McCrory Michelle Junkin Michelle Metcalfe MJ Alexander Natalie Miller Natalie Baca Nichole Montgomery Nina Nguyen Paige Nguyen Rachele Cromer RC Morrison Rick Bewley Rob Smith Roger Runge Roxxann Murphy Sage Edsall Sarah Atlee Sarah Black Sarah Dumas Scarlet Rock Hosseini Sharon Allred spontaneous bob Stacey Rist Steven Schmidt Sue Hale Suzanne DuCom Suzanne Wallace Mears Suzanne Thomas Tammy Brummell Taylor Painter-Wolfe Taylor Young Terry Clark Thomas Martinez Thumy Phan Tiffani Nicole Sanders Tim Long Ting Wang Tom Jones Tracey Bewley Trent Lawson VC Torneden Virginia Sitzes Whitney Batres William Struby

  • Handbid & Art Pickup FAQs

    Handbid & Art Pickup FAQs Do I have to download an app? Downloading the Handbid app on your smart phone is free and convenient for many users. But you can also bid on your desktop computer. Visit to register and start bidding. Do I have to make an account? Yes, you need to create a Handbid account to participate. Otherwise, we won't know who to contact for the winning pieces! However, you do not need to enter credit card or payment information before you start bidding. You will be prompted to pay if you have won any artwork or auction packages at the end of the night. How can I watch the livestream? We plan to start the livestream video around 6:15pm. You can watch it for free on YouTube, Facebook, or in your Handbid app! That's right, Handbid will keep the video going on the top half of your screen while you bid the night away on the bottom half. Did you miss it? Don't worry. We'll keep the video posted on YouTube and Facebook after the event is over. What is the Buy-It-Now price? You have the option to pay 150% of the retail sales value of an artwork or an auction package, in order to secure the piece as yours. By paying the Buy-It-Now price, no one else can win that piece at the end of the night. What is a Max Bid? If you do not want to monitor your pieces all night, you can set a max bid on the artworks you love. Handbid will automatically increase your bid for you until you reach the upper limit that you are comfortable spending on any given piece. After this point, other participants can outbid you and steal your piece away. If you don't want to take that risk, consider Buy-It-Now! Do I need to pay for my pieces right at 10 PM when the auction closes? No, you can head to bed before 10 PM if you'd like! We just ask that you complete your payment before picking up your artwork or auction packages at OVAC. You can login to Handbid to pay your invoice. If you need to set up a payment plan, pay with multiple cards, or you prefer to pay by check, please call Audrey Kominski at (405) 879-2400 Ex. 2. Where can I see the artwork that is still available for purchase? Click here to see images from artists who have opted into the 12x12 Post-Sale . Each piece is available for $125 plus sales tax. Please call Audrey Kominski at (405) 879-2400 Ex. 2 to purchase. When and where can I pick up the artwork and/or auction packages I have won? If you are located in or around Oklahoma City, we will have curbside buyer pickup from October 12-16, from 9 AM - 5 PM at the OVAC office (1720 N. Shartel Ave., Ste B, Oklahoma City, OK 73103). Click here to sign up for a timeslot. If you are located in or around Tulsa , we will have curbside buyer pickup on Wednesday, October 7, from 1-5 PM at Living Arts (307 E Mathew Brady St, Tulsa, OK 74120). Click here to sign up for a timeslot. If you are farther away from either of these locations, we ask that you wait for the OVAC staff to get in touch with you by October 2. Please be aware that out of state buyers will be asked to pay a separate transaction to cover the cost of shipping. I am an artist. When and where can I drop off my artwork? If you are located in or around Oklahoma City, we will have curbside artist drop-off from September 28-October 2, from 9 AM - 5 PM at the OVAC office (1720 N. Shartel Ave., Ste B, Oklahoma City, OK 73103). Click here to sign up for a timeslot. If you are located in or around Tulsa, we will have curbisde artist dropoff on Wednesday, October 7, from 8 AM - 12 PM at Living Arts (307 E Mathew Brady St, Tulsa, OK 74120). Click here to sign up for a timeslot. If you are farther away from either of these locations, we ask that you wait for the OVAC staff to get in touch with you by October 2. All artists are welcome to ship their work to the OVAC office if they prefer. Your piece MUST arrive by October 5. I still have questions. Who can I speak to? Please call Audrey Kominski, Programs and Events Coordinator, at (405) 879-2400 Ex. 2 or email .

  • OK Art Crawl Publication Features

    OK Art Crawl Publication Features The Oklahoman - "Coronavirus in Oklahoma: Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition organizing Oklahoma Art Crawl" The Lawton Constitution - "Statewide art crawl planned for June" Owasso Reporter - "Owasso artist Kristin Gentry to display acrylic work during 2020 Oklahoma Art Crawl" The Oklahoman - "Revving up the creativity community: Oklahoma Art Crawl to roam all over the state" The Daily Ardmoreite - "State-wide Art Crawl coming to Ardmore this weekend" Muskogee Phoenix - "Local artists take part in Oklahoma Art Crawl" Tahlequah Daily Press - "OK Art Crawl hopes to support struggling artists" The Ada News - "Local artists take part in OK Art Crawl" Pauls Valley Democrat - "Local artists to open up studios" The Lawton Constitution - "Local artist participates in state-wide art crawl"

  • 2020 Concept/Survey Artists

    2020 Concept/Survey Artists Holly Wilson Solomon Mahlatini Behnaz Sohrabian Alex Emmons romy owens Marissa Raglin Shenandoah Del Rio Nathan Kent Mariah Addis Jessica Harvey Laura Kent Crystal Z Campbell Jason Cytacki Mirella Martinez Jordan Vinyard Jennifer Johnson Molly Murphy Adams Emma Difani Paul Bagley Suzanne Thomas Jim Weaver Amber DuBoise Madeleine Witt Haley Prestifilippo Raasheda Burnett Kristin Gentry Paul Medina

  • Community Artist Partnership Application Example

    Community Artist Partnership Application Example Community/Artist Partnership Grant 1. Describe the project, concept, and purpose.: This project works with individuals who are currently or formerly homeless to capture elements of the city that they see every day through photography. I am partnering with The Curbside Chronicle magazine at the Homeless Alliance. I will partner with these individuals to tour OKC, as they know it, teaching them how to capture images and taking pictures side-by-side. Individuals who have experienced homelessness have an intimate look at our city that I want to share with the public. Many people see our city through glass as they drive by, or they only see select locations where they eat and shop. This project allows a person to see another side of OKC through the eyes of someone who lives on the streets. These photographs would offer the public a glimpse into what homelessness really looks like in OKC. Many individuals rarely talk or think about this issue. By photographing homeless tent communities, shelters, and feeds we can open people’s eyes to a very real situation in OKC and empower the homeless photographers. These photographs will be exhibited at the Society Gallery during Live on the Plaza in April. All profits made from photos will go back to the homeless photographers. 2. Explain how this project will impact the community: This will impact the Tulsa community by creating a highly accessible art experience that transforms place. The fact that it is across from the only greenspace in the neighborhood, the small and heavily-manicured Guthrie Green, is a perfect contrast to the conversation I hope to have about our collective engagement with nature. This project will impact the Oklahoma community by unifying individual knitters from towns and cities statewide who are contributing to a singular significant experience in the history of the Brady Arts District. As far as I am aware, there has been no other project like this that involves makers from the entire state. The responses to questions below should demonstrate the applicants’ ability to complete the project. 4.1 Budget: Insert the project budget including expected expenses and revenue: EXPENSES -Artist fee $500 -Printing and framing. $30/picture x 50 pictures = $1,500 -Venue space at The Society Gallery. $500 (in-kind expense) -Snacks and drink for soft opening. $200 Total: $2,700 REVENUES -The Curbside Chronicle at the Homeless Alliance $1,200 match -OVAC Grant $1,200 -Sold pictures $75/picture (The profits will go to the individuals experiencing homelessness who took the photograph or showed me the scene to photograph. The Curbside Chronicle at the Homeless Alliance will work with these individuals to help them save the money or use it to for financial goals like housing). 4.2 Timeline. Identify major milestones through completion. Schedule photography trips with participants by February 6, 2015. Photography completed by March 12, 2015. Printing, Framing, and Matting complete by April 1, 2015. Soft gallery opening April 9, 2015. Live on the Plaza full opening April 10, 2015. Exhibit at the Edge in Midtown in May 2015. Exhibit at Verbode Gallery in Automobile Alley in early June 2015. 4.3 Public Presentation: List secured or potential venues for the project, indicating those that are confirmed. [Project Title] will be on permanent display in the Visitors Center in the lobby of the Museum of the Western Prairie in Altus, OK, a facility that is open from 10am to 5pm Tuesday through Saturday, and greets 300 to 400 visitors a month.

  • Creative Projects Application Example

    Creative Projects Application Example Creative Projects Grant 1. Describe the project, concept, and purpose: When visiting The Chicago Field Museum; we turned a corner to see a wall full of Kachina dolls and my son exclaimed, “They had super heroes too!” This observation through his eyes lead me to the idea of “Native American Superheroes”. I will create a series of 4 to 7 sculptures that are my Native American Superheroes. The figures will be 8 to 9 inches, using a range of materials resin, cast glass, bronze, and ceramics. Some of the figures would be single sculptures of the superhero as their personas. Others grouped into scenarios, interacting to convey traditional and contemporary mythology as well as misconceptions about the Native Americans both from a Native and non-Native perspective. I want my sculptures to bring more awareness to subjects such as blood quantum’s, historical inaccuracies, Indian Boarding Schools, broken treatises, increases in dropout and suicide rates as well as in diabetes and heart disease and our Indian casinos earning revenue using our tribal histories to sell illusions. Being Native American and white I grew up in a time when it was not fashionable to be Native American. I understand some things have changed but how much? 2. Describe how this project is a distinctive opportunity or career altering for you.: For the past two years, I have dedicated myself to a greater understanding of my materials (metals/plating, bone, minerals/crystals and paper media) and their technical applications as they pertain to sculpting ambitions. In 2014 I was offered an exhibit at a gallery in Tulsa, OK; 108 Contemporary. This opportunity will allow me to present my work to a targeted audience in a venue which focuses exclusively in contemporary craft. My intention is to utilize the portfolio of works which I create for the upcoming exhibit to market my work to venues out of state which also focus in high craft. In order to rise to the next level in my career, I need to subsidize the cost of materials needed to complete these sculptures. 4.1 Budget: Insert the project budget including expected expenses and revenue.: EXPENSES Design of exhibition post card invitations: $75 Design of Reception invitation and RSVP card: $125 Matting and Framing of artwork : $ 3300 (22 pieces at $150 per piece) Audio production of voice over dialogue: $1000 Design and printing of the banner: $500 Catering for Reception: $3000 Design and production of Art Catalogue – $1000 Postage for direct mail promotion – $3000 (USPS permit and postage) Web design – $1,000 Total Expenses: $13,000 REVENUE Sponsorships: $5000 Catalogue Sales: $3000 (150 for $20) Artwork Sales: $2000 OVAC Creative Project Grant: $1500 Artist Contribution: $500 In kind contribution – $1,000 Total Revenue: $13,000 4.1 Timeline: Identify major milestones through completion: September 2014, plan and develop project narrative, wrote proposal. Applied for Osage Foundation Art Funds. Notified in November, 2014 of acceptance. December, 2014 -January 2015, developed supplies list and timeline. Researched and identified institutions and Osage tribal members who have Osage wedding coats in their collections. February, March, and ongoing through Fall 2015, visited community members, museums, historical and community institutions to view and photograph historical Osage wedding coats. this also includes archival information pertaining to the project. March 2015, applied to the Banff International Art Centre for an independent residency. April, 2015, notification of acceptance to Banff. April, 2015, applied for OVAC Creative Projects Grant May, 4-27, 2015, residency dates in Canada.We will create the outside of coat and design the inside lining. July-November 2015, complete the coat. November or December 2015- tentative dates for display at the Osage Tribal Museum. Copies of our research in the form of an artists handmade book will be given to the museum for their archives. 2017- Project to be exhibited at the Sam Noble Museum, Norman,Oklahoma. 4.3 Public Presentation: List secured or potential venues for the project, indicating those that are confirmed.: Secured and confirmed venue: IAO Exhibition scheduled September 17-October 27, 2015 Potential venues: MAINSITE Contemporary Art, Norman, OK JRB Art at the Elms, Oklahoma City, OK (works on paper) Living Arts, Tulsa, OK

  • 2021 Momentum Artists

    2021 Momentum Artists Spotlight Artists Amber DuBoise-Shepherd (Shawnee) Andrea Duran-Cason (Norman) Marium Rana (Tahlequah) General Survey Artists Rachel Adler (OKC), Untitled Dylan Albertson (OKC), Strange Timez & The Divine Masculine Foster Atkinson (OKC), Scorpio Emily Baker (OKC), Self-made bars Dimana Bazrbashi (OKC), Life Inside Shannon Bell (OKC), Calm Waters Chelsea Boen (Midwest City), In the Stillness Liz Boudreaux (OKC), Dreaming of Sharing Emma Bunch (Edmond), Self Portrait in Mask Marissa Childers (Norman), A wrinkle in time & Pair of Cups Dayton Clark (Norman), Manifold Vault Claire Dabney (Stillwater), Emotional & The Cure Shyanne Dickey (Stillwater), The Exodusters & The Load Liz Dueck (Tulsa), Emergance Caleb Elliott (Norman), Street Legend Jaiye Farrell (OKC), Untitled #2 Taylor Graham (Stillwater), Mask Janae Grass (Tulsa), Fingerweaving I Kristina Haden (OKC), It's Just a Phase Henry Hadzeriga (Yukon), Grief Erin Harris (OKC), Grin and Bear it & #MOOD Alex Hazel (Ada), Derealization Alyssa Howery (Norman), Tea for Two Theresa Hultberg (OKC), Untitled Lauren Hutson (Tulsa), Bridge Graffiti & Under the Bridge Cable Jacobsen (Burns Flat), Hangout Lauren Kerr (Owasso), Boat Man The Print Tania Khouri (Norman), Read Me a Life & Coffee Readings Katelynn Knick (OKC), Peach Pit & Cosmic Plant Queen Wesley Kramer (Norman), Grand Voyage Ariana Leatherock (OKC), Lost Era I Shelby Mae (OKC), Stargazer Lily, Rose and Halved Pomegranate Gianna Martucci-Fink (Edmond), The Consumed #2 Isabella Messman-Kramer (Norman), Headed Off & Seeing Color Madison Moody (Midwest City), Deer Woman Dianna Morgan (Alva), Sorrow I David Morrison (Norman), Stuck Truck Vases & Spare Wheels Kayla Ohlmer (Tulsa), Narcissus & The Worlds We Have Duncan Payne (OKC), Reflection/Hermit Lauren Rosenfelt (Norman), Armadillo the Traveler & Coyote Akin Parker Schovanec (Enid), Bleak Ashley Showalter (Norman), Don't Believe Everything You Think Virgina Sitzes (OKC), There was a time when it was your hat and mine & If Rocks Could Remember Kitra Smith (Midwest City), Pardon Isabel Stogner (Edmond), Balance Jordan Tacker (OKC), Happy Cherries Michael Takahata (OKC), Sauna Stove Spencer Tracy (OKC), Mix-Tape I-IV Sean Tyler (Tulsa), Selfies Sean and Kasey August vonHartizsch (Norman), Lemon Katrina Ward (OKC), i thought loving you would feel Ariana Weir (OKC), Ama and Grampa's House Zane Wyatt (Stillwater), Contrition III & Contrition I

  • 2022 12x12 Sponsors

    2022 12x12 Sponsors Visionaries Heartland Benefactors Chickasaw Nation Dunlap Codding Why HR Champions Brian Barber Caroline Cohenour Bob Curtis Hillary Farrell Consulting Fowler Automotive Jon and Amy Fisher Steve and Carol Goetzinger Peggy Kates Rebecca Kinslow Steve Mason Travis Mason Ruffel Family Foundation Thomas and Kathryn Ryan Sara and Kyle Sweet Laura Warriner Enthusiasts Emily Crain CMR Claims Myra Kaiser John McNeese Caroline Patton Diane Salamon Douglas Stussi Fitzsimmons Architecture Advocates BC Clark Jewelers Corner Energy Patty and Kent Cohenour Ryan Cunningham Gina Ellis Sam Fulkerson and Suzanne Mitchell Ogletree Deakins Nathan Guilford and Julia Kirt Sue Hale Martin and Kathleen Hallren Sherry and Colt Healey Walt and Jean Hendrickson Jane Iverson-Ross Mary Ketch Kirsten Olds Emily Rothrock Tate Andy and Sue Moss Sullivan Kym Koch Thompson Trent Lawson John Marshall Frank Parker John Polkinghorne Dr. Elliott Schwartz and Pamela Shanklin Jay Shanker Lissa Barr Shaw Urban Kitchens Video Games Plus - David Sollars Alisa Weatherman Architect Supporters Langston's Western Wear Annalisa and Bruce Campbell Edrio Oil Company Barbara Gabel Dan Garrett Patricia Harper Emily Hart Photography Elisabeth Larkin Lana Lopez Leigh Howell Love Landscape Design George and Cristina McQuistion Libby Nelson Leslie Norick Paseo Arts Association Gus and Emily Pekara Elizabeth Richards Marjorie Shadid William F. Shdeed Special Thanks 405 Magazine 84 Hospitality Amshot The Art Hall Lively Beerworks New Leaf Florists Southwestern Group of Companies Saucee Sicilian

  • 2023 12x12 Sponsors

    2023 12x12 Sponsors Visionaries Lively Beerworks Benefactors The Chickasaw Nation Champions Bob Curtis Caroline & Guy Patton Diane Salamon Jon & Amy Fisher Kyle & Sara Sweet Peggy Kates Steve Mason Thomas & Kathy Ryan Advocates Bill Hawk Doug Stussi Howard-Fairbairn Site Design Inc. John Porter Mcneese Lissa Barr Shaw Oklahoma City Community Foundation Renate & Chuck Wiggin Supporters Allsweet Ambassador OKC Barbara Gabel Beh & Jim Tolbert Betty Rodgers Dead People's Stuff Dean & Kelly Wyatt Debbie Nauser Debbie Williams DNA Galleries Dr. Elliott and Pamela Schwartz Elizabeth Richards Emily Rothrock Tate Farrell Consultants Fitzsimmons Architecture Gina Ellis Jane Iverson Ross John Marshall Paula Liotine Senator Julia Kirt & Nathan Guilford, DDS Kathryn Dunlap Krystle Kaye Lana & Dave Lopez Mady Hendryx Mary Ketch Paula Liotine Ryan Cunningham Roger Runge Susan Beaty Suzanne Mitchell Trent Lawson Urban Kitchens Walt & Jean Hendrickson Special Thanks 84 Hospitality amshot Beadles Portraits Blue Sage Studios Brittany Ward Buzz By Bebe Caroline Cohenour Cella and Me Creations Chicken N' Pickle Chirps & Cheers Civic Center Music Hall Dig It Dunlap Codding Factory Obscura Incredible Pizza Katherine Sanders Artwork Kelsey Henry Lauren Schlepp Millers Remodel and Construction National Cowboy Museum Oklahoma History Center OKC National Memorial Museum Oklahoma City Museum of Art OKC Philahrmonic OKC Thunder Piel Canela Rita Ortloff Rivarone Leatherworks Science Museum Oklahoma Scissortail Gifts - Oklahoma Hall of Fame Southwestern Printing Top Golf The Art Hall Twisted Axes Urban Teahouse

  • Momentum Applicant FAQs

    Momentum Applicant FAQs Q: What do curators do? A: There is always more artwork than there is space. So, we recruit opinionated, arts-educated people to select what they consider the best work. No committee members or OVAC staff are involved in the decision making so that the curators can look at the artwork without influence. Of course, this process is based on subjective judgments about the quality of artwork. The decisions must be subjective because it’s based on personal opinions about what makes good work. The curators always spend time with the work – looking at it and trying to understand it. Even artwork that one person loves might not resonate with another person. Q: Who are the curators? A: We always have different guest curators in order to get different perspectives. The 2022 Guest Curator for Momentum is Helen Opper . If you are interested in learning more about curating, we invite you to apply for the Emerging Curator position. Emerging Curators do not have to be 30 years of age or younger. Q: What tips do you have to increase my chances of being selected? A: Some things that help curators pick art could include: outstanding images of your artwork and good presentation (Does anything distract from your work such as distracting backgrounds, poor lighting, an over-sized signature or unfinished edges?). Less tangible reasons why curators select artwork include things like: expressing a clear vision, comprehensible design elements, careful consideration of materials for concept, scale appropriate to idea, and original concepts or experimentation. Q: Do you have any advice for how to take high quality images of my artwork at home and on a budget? A: Yes! Momentum Co-Chair Aunj Braggs and OVAC's Programs & Media Assistant Lauren Fourcade put together a quick guide for photographing artwork at home . For more detailed tips, click the "Photographing Artwork 101" button at . Q: Can I get specific comments on my work? A: Because the curators have such limited time, we are not able to give detailed comments to artists who enter. We do encourage you to get feedback anywhere you can. Galleries, friends, other artists are great places to get feedback about your work and to see if you are communicating your ideas and concepts effectively. Q: I've been chosen as an artist, and now I need help preparing my work for installation. A: Every February, OVAC puts on an annual "Exhibition Ready" Artist Survival Kit workshop, and all Momentum artists may attend free of charge. Check back soon for more information. Q: How did Momentum begin? A: The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition is a statewide non-profit organization that was created just to support artists. As one way to help and reward young artists, OVAC started Momentum in 2002 in Oklahoma City and in 2004 in Tulsa. A committee of volunteers helps to plan the event. The committee is made up of young artists and professionals who give their time to make the event happen. If you are interested in being involved in planning Momentum, you can email your interest to Momentum does cost money to put together and funds come from financial sponsors, ticket sales, percentages of art sales and grant money raised by OVAC and its committee members. Q: Why does this exhibition have an age limit of 30 years old? A: This exhibition was created specifically to promote and bring together young artists. The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition has programs that support artists at many different stages of their careers– from funding to exhibits. It is important to us that our programs help artists as they are getting started, restarted, or continuing already successful careers. We also consider it important that our programs do not duplicate things other organizations are doing. Thus, we do not put together exhibitions unless they fill a completely different need. We have other programs that provide visibility and funding for artists of all ages, emerging and established, throughout the year. If you aren’t eligible for Momentum, please look at our other exhibitions such as Art 365, Concept, 24 Works on Paper, and funding sources: grants and fellowships, and other programs for promoting artists: Art Focus Oklahoma, the Virtual Gallery, and the Tulsa Art Studio Tour.

  • ASK Past Workshops

    ASK Past Workshops Artist Survival Kit (ASK) Workshop: Intellectual Property for Artists Arts law encompasses a complex and intertwined body of legal principles that govern the creation, protection, ownership, licensing, transport, insurance, and sale of creative works. While some art-specific laws exist, addressing legal issues involving artistic rights frequently involves the application of multiple areas of the law to the relationships, rights, transactions, and disputes among creators and owners/commissioners of creative works. In this practical session, you will learn about this complex area of law with emphasis on creative rights issues impacting artists. And it will be fun. We promise! Artist Survival Kit (ASK) Workshop: Exhibition Ready with Trent Lawson and Carla Folks During this workshop, participants will learn about the tools and commitment it takes to build your own frames, ins, and outs of having work framed and building crates. How-to resources will be included. Soft and hybrid crate building will be covered, along with installation tools, techniques, and exhibition best practices. Artist Survival Kit (ASK) Workshop: Good News! Press Releases and More With Nathan Gunter A press release can be a great way to spread the word about an upcoming event, but it needs to be properly written, formatted and distributed. Nathan Gunter is the Editor-in-Chief of Oklahoma Today and will be guiding participants through the process of writing and distributing a press release. You’ll learn what to do about including images, how to attract attention through your write-up, and situations that might not be appropriate for sending a press release. Artist Survival Kit (ASK) Workshop: Business of Art 101 This workshop will get your portfolio in top shape for upcoming opportunities! Learn how to capture the best images of your artwork, write a fresh artist statement, and polish your resume. Artist Survival Kit (ASK) Workshop: Public Art In this workshop artists, professionals, and communities will be brought together to learn the ins and outs of public art submissions and commissions. We will start with a case study of Trace with Grace Grothaus and Geoffrey Hicks. This temporary public artwork is installed at the Center of the Universe in the Tulsa Arts District. Artist Survival Kit (ASK) Workshop: Vital Visual Documentation This workshop is an overview of photo and video documentation practices for artists looking to improve the way they represent their work. It will cover the purpose and benefits of documentation; photographing finished art with a DSLR camera, basic lighting, and digital photo processing; as well as video documentation of artistic processes or dynamic artwork, with simple editing instruction. The intent is to direct artists in considering their documentation carefully, as it often is the only representation of their work in professional situations. Your documentation should tell a compelling story about your art and practice to your clients, patrons, curators, and gallerists without them having to see the physical work itself.

  • 2022 TAST Sponsors

    2022 TAST Sponsors On the Map Sponsors Bob Curtis Tour Sponsors Myra Kaiser Diane Salamon Studio Sponsors Susan Green Carla Hefley Kathryn Kenney Bob Stewart Kathy Taylor Dean Wyatt Artist Sponsors Derek Ball and Carlos Bejarano Jen Boyd Martin Ken Busby Dian Church Joey and Al Frisillo Brooke and Stuart Hawley Amanda Lawrence Lawrence Naff Melissa Piper Sarah Wright Supply Sponsors Judith M. Anderson Rebecca Joskey Mark Lewis Katherine Piersall Caitlin Turner

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