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Retrospective MOMENTUM: Looking Back, Moving Forward
is a heartfelt celebration of the artists who have been a part of MOMENTUM's incredible journey throughout the
Join us, in our love letter to the past, present, and future of the MOMENTUM journey.

The exhibition is in collaboration with BancFirst at their public gallery in Oklahoma City.


Oct 18 - Retrospective Momentum: Looking Back, Moving Forward Applications Open

Nov 12 - Retrospective Momentum: Looking Back, Moving Forward Applications Due

Nov 22 - A Retrospective: Momentum Artists Announced

Dec 4-13 - Artwork Drop-off in OKC

Dec 15 - Mar 30, 2024 – Retrospective Momentum: Looking Back, Moving Forward exhibition dates at BancFirst Gallery.

Jan 10: Retrospective Momentum: Looking Back, Moving Forward Reception at BancFirst, 5-7pm

Please note dates may be subject to change.


Guest Curator

Helen Opper

Helen Opper, an independent fine art curator and appraiser based in Oklahoma, has deep-rooted academic and professional ties in the art world. With a strong foundation in the arts, her extensive experience spans diverse regions, including San Francisco and New York. Helen is dedicated to fostering inclusivity and challenging the norms of the fine art sphere, aiming to provide artists from all backgrounds and career stages with opportunities for artistic success. She believes that art should engage with the complexities of contemporary culture, politics, and identity. In addition to her curatorial, appraisal, and consulting work, Helen has curated ArtNow 2021 at Oklahoma Contemporary, managed Oklahoma City gallery The Art Hall, and served as an adjunct professor in the Visual Art Program at Oklahoma City Community College.

Reception: Jan 10th, 5–7PM
100 N Broadway Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73102


Guests viewing MOMENTUM 2004 at the OKC Farmers Market.

The History of MOMENTUM

Momentum, the cornerstone of Oklahoma's emerging art scene, has a rich history dating back over two decades. This one-of-a-kind program, initiated by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition (OVAC), has continuously celebrated and nurtured the talents of young artists across the state. Over the years, it has evolved into a platform for fresh, innovative voices in the art world. With each annual exhibition, Momentum has reflected the ever-changing dynamics of the contemporary art landscape while providing artists with an invaluable launchpad for their careers. The Retrospective Momentum: Looking Back, Moving Forward exhibition serves as a testament to the enduring impact of this program, showcasing the artistic journeys and contributions of those who have been part of this remarkable voyage through the years.

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