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OVAC's movable walls or "exhibition in a box" is available for rent in the Oklahoma City metro. The walls and all support materials are stored in a UNITS Moving and Portable Storage Box. The unit can be rented for $500 for a week, plus a $150 transportation fee. Rental of the unit includes all of the materials listed below. Renters are responsible for purchasing zip ties (used to stabilize the walls where they join) and any hanging hardware, nails, cleats, or other items necessary to install/deinstall artwork. For more information view the Rental Contract below or contact us at or 405-879-2400, ex. 2.

POD Rental Information


  • We have 52 panels, 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide

  • Panels are modular so they can be set up in T, long Y and other arrangements

  • Walls must be set up in groups of 3 or more as they cannot stand up by themselves

Pedestals and Shelves

  • We have 8 floating shelves and 9 pedestals


  • We have 168 clip lights that attach to removable poles on walls on 28 of the panels

  • Each light has a halogen bulb of either 50 or 75 watts, with a variety of flood and spots

Extension Chords

  • We have 14 big extension cords, and 43 smaller ones

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