Dylan Turk

Dylan Turk

Dylan Turk, Founder and Creator of KIN, as well as the Special Projects Editor of Architecture and Design at Crystal Bridges

The ultimate dreamer, Dylan believes that through beauty we can make our fantasies realities. The way things come together—the magic of persuaded coincidences keeps him going. He leans on deep and varied curatorial experiences to lead KIN's direction and artistic endeavors. Dylan worked in a small gallery before serving as a curator at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, where he is now a Special Projects Editor, Architecture & Design. His vision for how art should be experienced championed many exhibits, permanent installations, publications, and national lectures. At the heart of his practice is the belief that there are no rules in art—there can't be. We must constantly push ourselves to stay relevant and forward-focused.

2021 Fellowship Curatorial Statement:

Artists help us see where we’ve come from, the beauty and realities of the present, and inspire us for a better and more beautiful tomorrow. The work of artists, in the most expansive definition of that word, must be valued and celebrated in our society. The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition is more important than ever before. At a time when truth and basic human rights are up for debate, artists play a vital role in those conversations—making our world more equitable and honest.

When looking through the record-breaking number of submissions for this year’s fellowships, I reflected on the personal stories of the people making art in Oklahoma—and the long history of creativity and storytelling in the state. The works of Skip Hill and Jason Cytacki stood out to me for their techniques, personal narratives, and their contributions to the arts. Dimana Bazrbashi and Claire Dabney have talent that needs to be fostered and supported. I hope they utilize the student fellowship to advance their education and nurture their talents as the next generation of artists.

These four artists are exceptional examples of the people that make up the great state of Oklahoma. They are not the only artists who should be supported and celebrated. Thank you to everyone who submitted work to this year’s fellowship programs; I encourage you to continue to apply and to become involved in OVAC. To every artist in Oklahoma, keep making, seeing, feeling, and inspiring us.