Courtney Segrest

The edge of chaos is the area between what is known and what is unknown. It is the place of wavering certainty in the order established and the chaos that resides behind. Every experience we grow from is one that we have made sense of, it is one that we have untangled and used to construct the knowledge we contain today. Using ordinary thread, fabricated and found steel objects, I synthesize a relationship between rigid and soft materials. A single thread is able to be snapped with just the strength of the hand, but once layered upon other strands the strength of it becomes apparent as it bends the steel in on itself. The gradual layering allows for me to feel confident in the process, and the structural security of the piece. The control created in the process of making translates over into my personal life. The sculptures allow for me to create a space in which I have complete control in what happens, and the atmospheres that they create. The safety created allows for me to feel more assured in everyday life, and continue to challenge the uncertainties that go along with it.

Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition

1720 N. Shartel Ave. Suite B

Oklahoma City, OK 73103


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