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Courtney Brooks

Courtney Brooks

Founder of Journey of a Black Girl, Curator, Visual Artist, and Artist Advocate.

Courtney Brooks is an Atlanta-based Independent Curator,  multifaceted Visual Artist, and founder of Journey of a Black Girl. Originally from Denver, Colorado, Brooks carries a decade of experience, giving creative direction for interactive art events and curating over 20 solo and group exhibitions throughout the Atlanta area.  She is an avid supporter of all creatives and is proud to be a visual artist first. Her studio practices include experimental works with various mediums like watercolor, acrylic, oil paints, and photography. Her goal as a curator is to help maximize artists’ potential and expand visibility in their careers.

In 2019 she exceeded expectations as the Lead Curator and Gallery Director for ArtsXchange, Jack Sinclair Gallery located in East Point.  Courtney is currently the first Curator-In-Residence for Art on the Atlanta  BeltLine.  Her most recent public artworks include curating 8 Muralists for Reflection of Change located on the Atlanta BeltLine, concluding a solo Art Residency with PowerHaus Creatives at Mint Gallery, and currently working with Rangewater properties as the 2022 Artist in Residence. Courtney’s eye-catching skills, collaborations, and innovative ideas help connect communities to the arts locally and nationally.

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