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Discover the Art Next Door

The Event

Discover the art next door with the OK Art Crawl!  This program functions as a drive-by exhibition and features 200+ artists across the state displaying their pieces in parking lots, in front of houses, on  front porches, and in their garages. The annual OK Art Crawl will take place on Saturday, October 16, 2021, from 10am-8pm.

See the Google map below of all the locations that viewers were able to see artwork last year. Click here to view the map. 

Artist Sign Up

This is an inclusive program in which any Oklahoma artist can be featured, and artists do not have to be OVAC members. The participating artists must agree to be present at their location and conduct no-contact sales for their artwork. 100% of the sales will go to the artists, and it is free to sign up. 

Artist registration is open.

Signage Template:     Microsoft Word      PDF

Artist Guidelines:        PDF

Social Distancing Sign (optional):     PDF

 Art Crawl Locations 2020 


Groups/Multiple Artists

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   Participating Artists 2020 

Central OK



Alexandra Brodt Illustration

Alyona Kostina

ARTSPACE at Untitled - Multiple Artists

Aeddon Wegrzyn

Alexandra Rivas

Alyssa Underwood

Angela Ulloa
Anna Humes

Avery Underwood

Carol Webster

Dan Garrett

Debbie Whitacre

Debi Wanzer

Donna Prigmore

Elizabeth Richards

Eric Martinez

Eugene Mckeown

Kenny McCage

Khanh Vu

LaVeryl Lower

Matin Alavi

Maureen Harvey

MJ Henderson Smith

MOD QUAD: Agnes Stradler, AnnaVittoria Conner-Pickett

Montserrat Ruffin
Nichole Burroughs

Rachel Minick
Valeria Angulo
Wendy Fox

Anita Fortuna

Aztrid Moan

Barbara Fluty

Basically Bostick Projects

Bethany Higgins

Board Bear Press & Thready or Not - Multiple Artists

Ashley Showalter

Chandler Domingos

Emily Madden

Gabriel Hancock

Kyndall Rainey

Malcolm Zachariah

Maria Chaverri

Skelley Queen Art

Virginia Sitzes


Bridget Moore

Bryan Boone

Carpe Artem Art Gallery

Charlotte New

Christina Pickard and Robin Orbach Starke

CKilburn Artistry

Clarissa Sharp

Connect: Collect

Connie Seabourn

Contemporary Art Gallery

Diana Robinson

Diane Goldschmidt

Don Narcomey

Dorothy Woolbright

Ember Boland

Emma Difani

Factory Obscura

Femme Riott Creative

Femolition: Emerging Female

Artists Under 25

GentleSoul Arts

Ginger Adair

Herb Graves

Janice Montgomery

Jasmine Jones

JASWORX Fused Glass by Jim Shelley

Jenny Bullard Art

Jenny Woodruff

Jerry Bennett

Jerry Bergin

Jes Petrus

Jill Coleman

Jim Reznicek

Jim Richard Originals

JT Coburn

Kathy Buttry

Kathy Martin

Kayla Louviere

Kirstie Thorn

Kris Fairchild

Laura Story

Lawrence Naff

Lilly Gilmore

Liz Boudreaux

Local Lather Soap Shop

Narciso Argüelles

Nicole Moan

O. Gail Poole

Oliver Chase Coburn

Paul Bagley

Pigs Fly Shop

Polly Sharp

Pootinella's ARTworld

Ranee McBride

Rascal Pack

Rhiya Shepherd

Rick & Tracey Bewley

Sabrina Sims

SaDawna Coburn

Sam Douglas

Sarah Day-Short

Sean Giboney

Sonni Adams

Stefani Nachatilo

Studio Six - 4 artists

Gayle Curry

Marissa Raglin

Michelle Metcalfe

Sue Moss Sullivan

Suzanne Wallace Mears

Terry Clark

The Art Hall

Trayson Conner

Northwest OK


Bob Beatley

Larry K. Hill Studios

Southeast OK


Jason Wilson

Southwest OK


Savy Pallette


Valarie Clayton


Henry Poppe