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Discover the Art Next Door

The Event

Discover the art next door with the OK Art Crawl!  This program functions as a drive-by exhibition and features 200+ artists across the state displaying their pieces in front of their houses, on their front porches, in their garages, and anywhere they see fit! The annual OK Art Crawl will take place on Saturday, October 16, 2021, from 10 am-8 pm.

See the Google map below of all the locations that viewers were able to see artwork last year. Click here to view the map. 

Artist Sign Up

This is an inclusive program in which any Oklahoma artist can be featured, and artists do not have to be OVAC members. The participating artists must agree to be present at their location and have the option to conduct no-contact sales for their artwork. 100% of the sales will go to the artists, and it's only $10 to sign up. 

Artists are responsible for all their needed equipment which includes but is not limited to tables, chairs, table cloth, card readers, cash bank, water, shopping bags, etc. 

Artist registration is now closed.

Signage Template:     Microsoft Word     

Artist Guidelines:        PDF

Social Distancing Sign (optional):     PDF

 Art Crawl Locations 2021 


Groups/Multiple Artists

Times will vary from location to location. Check that the destination you would like to visit is open before arriving.
Art Crawl Locations

   Participating Artists 2021 

Oklahoma City
Jasworx Fused Glass
Ceramics by Liz
Larry Wilson
Taylor Young

GentleSoul Arts
Charlotte New
Nicole & Astrid Moan
Zach Zecha
Sarah Day-Short
Art Fusion Studio
Rachel Benbrook
Madison Elaine
Tony A. Tiger
Opp Att Boutique
Madeline Dillner
Amy Jo Garner
CK Artistry
Marissa Steinhofer

Contemporary Art Gallery
Sarah Russell Morphew
Jay Sage
Marilyn Young
Marwin Begaye
Joe Slack
Teri Pennington
Jenny Woodruff
Betty Bondy QuetiQ, OK

Group of 3 Artists
Denise Duong
Gabriel Friedman

Olivia Friedman

Group of 2 Artists
Rea Baldridge

Joseph Mills

Group of 2 Artists
Cindy Mason
Suzanne Henthorn

Factory Obscura
Meg Carlile
Matt LaVoie & Maddye Hayes
Jasmine Jones
Stephanie Sunday

The Art Hall
Exhibition includes:
Alexis Austin
Roy Boney
Aidan Danels
Viking Ashley
Tom Farris
Keli Gonzales
Steven Paul Judd
Clint Stone
Kindra Swafford
Bridget Trowbridge
Micah Wesley
Lauren Winfield
Bryan Perdue Jr.

Midtown Mutts Dog Park
Katherine Sanders
Shari Darr

Current Co-op Studio
Deborah Burian
David Holland

Rollingwood Park
LJ Rucker
Emily Williams
Trevar Peterson
Kate Walton
Andria Chaney
Alisa Welch
Julie Casler

Group of 2 Artists
Connie Seabourn
Kathy Buttry

ARTSPACE at Untitled

Carol Ann Webster
The Epic Continues
Teran Brown
Alice Wolf
Ash Davis
Allison Stacey
Sylvie Mayer
Laurel Payne


Art Group OKC
Alyssa Howery
SKelley Queen
Araina Leatherock
Clara Wiebe
Maria Chaverri
Duncan Payne
Annie Lovett
Katelynn Noel Knick
Femme Riot
Theresa Hultberg

Joy Andrews
Tanner Frost Bowen

North Park Mall
Ame Hernandez
Natural Silhouettes
Sharon Sudduth Art
Iron Forest Wood
Diane Potter Contemp. Fine Art
Thomas Stotts

Studio Six
Sue Moss Sullivan
Michelle "Mikie" Metcalfe
Marissa Raglin
Gayle L. Curry

In Your Eye Gallery
Sue Hale

Andrea Kissinger

Studio Z Arts & Events
Kimberly Pagonis
Molding Hands LLC
Matthew Nelson

Steve Compton

Group of 2 Artists
Cara Elaine Art
Entwined Artwear & Gifts

Studio Z Art & Events
Randy Arneros
Thomas Jones

Edmond Fine Arts Institute
Clayton Beavers
Emily Odom
Erin Harris
Reian Williams


Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art
Amber DuBoise-Shepherd

G. Patrick Riley
Bridget Moore

Group of 2 Artists
Celeste Shields
Angel Thornton

Raechel's Art & Design

Fibers Of My Soul

Brayer & Brush

Denny Geyer
Liquid Color Chaos
KNelson Fine Art

Daterra Designs

Serendipity Pottery
Annie Adkins


Cindy Swanson
The Makerage

Jessica Newman
Zoe Jennings
G.G. Handcrafted

Kendall Whittier Main Street
Woeyboogers Felt Creations
Rachael Marshall
Air & Asphalt
Cheryl Capps Roach

Ahha Tulsa
David Douthitt

Urban Art Lab Studios
Rebecca Joskey
Dean Wyatt
Rita Lowe
Tyler Griese
Sallie Godwin
Alex Sepaugh
Phillip Nunley

TU Art Department
Claire Wintle
Carolyn Argo
M & J's Starving Artist Co.
Melanie Owen
Jennifer Casey

Black Moon


Sand Springs

Group of 3 Artists
The Wood Potter
Jezz Strutt
MHW Jewels


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