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The OVAC Artist Marketplace is an online market for OVAC members to sell their work. OVAC will coordinate market sales of the participating artists, collecting and remitting sales tax for the artists and connecting the artist with the buyer. OVAC will retain 20% of sales to cover the costs of the market (online subscription costs, transaction/credit card fees, staff time, etc.) Artists with a profile in the Virtual Gallery will feature a button to direct potential buyers to their collection in the Marketplace.

Artist Guidelines

  • Must be current OVAC members (Excludes Student level membership, but students may join at the Individual level to participate). Become a member here.

  • Participating artists must agree and sign the OVAC Art Marketplace contract and submit a W9. Income from the Marketplace will be reported to the IRS as income.

  • Artists who do not submit this form will not be added to the market.  

  • Each artist may submit up to five (5) pieces to be sold in the market.  

  • Each artwork can include up to three (3) images of each piece (i.e. different angles, close-ups for online viewing). 

  • No copies or reproductions; original works only. Printmakers and digital artists must submit original prints. 

  • Minimum cost of artwork: $50.00.

  • All Market artists are responsible for the shipping and handling costs of the artwork. If a customer does not receive their artwork, the artist’s market items will be hidden from the market until the customer receives the work or is issued a refund.  

  • Market artwork is exclusive to the OVAC artist market; cross-listed items will be removed. 

  • There is no creation date limitation to the artworks. 

  • If an artist’s work is sold, it will be marked “Sold.” Sold artwork will not be replaced in the market until the next upload/exchange period or if all the artist’s works are sold in the market.

Upload/Exchange Schedule  

  • New artists may join the market at any time with their first (5) five submissions. Please allow 2 weeks for the artwork to be uploaded to the marketplace. 

  • Current artists may submit new works or change their current submissions on a quarterly basis: January, April, July, and October by the last business day of each month.

OVAC Artist Marketplace

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