Professional Basics Application Example

Professional Basics Grant

Describe how the project will be utilized at a specific event, or if the project is for marketing images, describe how it will be utilized.
The project will allow me to fully process my own work from home giving me full creative control over the images that I produce. With the money saved from processing at home I will have more funds allowed for creation of work. Also being able to process film from camera to print is extremely important to the hands on nature of my work. Having full control in the darkroom will allow for higher quality photos as well as larger scans utilizing a film scanner resulting in finer prints.

Artist’s Fee – 40 hours Design to events- $800
Press Supplies – Washer wringer, lumber – $350
Printmaking Supplies – Ink, brayer, plates – $350
Paper – Hosho Relief Paper – $350
Total Expenses: $1850

Artist’s Fee – Gift in Kind Services – $300
Grant Request – Printmaking Supplies and Lumber – $500
Matching Funds – washer wringer, paper – $500
Sales Expected – patrons at events $550
Total Income: $1850

2.2 Timeline: Identify major milestones through completion.:
Exhibition Project

January 1- venue confirmation
January 23- submit four images, bio, artist statement for gallery pr
February 12- ship artwork and label information
February 28- opening reception
March 29- closing reception

2.3 Public Presentation: List secured or potential venues for the project, indicating those that are confirmed.:
I will be showing the first piece I create with the assistance of the Professional Basics Grant in the Spring Show at the Nesbitt Gallery in Chickasha in April 2015. After this show I plan to write proposals that include showing these pieces for group or solo shows in Norman galleries such as: Mainsite, Dreamer Concepts, Dope Chapel, the Norman Public Library, Studio E, and the Social Club.