Past Artist Grant Recipients

April 2022

Marium Rana, Flowers for Surayya Anne: A Multisensory Mural

Erin Latham, Passage

Raasheda Burnett, DreamLand Exhibition

Lauren Rosenfelt, Myriad Botanical Gardens

Kendall Ross, Artwork Images

Debra Martin-Barber, Website Development

Nancy Peterson, Convergence

Hailey Craighead, The Illustration Conference 

January 2022

Jordan Vineyard, All the King's Horses

Audrey Schmitz, Kay County Patriotic Art Installation Project

Darci Lenker, Funding for Website

Sierra Revis, Sas Designs

Matthew Ferree, Display Booth

Emma Lynn, Jewelry and Metals Shop Advancements 

October 2021

Lucas Wrench, Creative Projects: OK #1 Collaboration with Edgar and Shanna Heap of Birds

Liz Roth, Creative Projects: Understanding Place and 40 Degrees North Latitude

Shelby Head, Creative Projects: Am I That Name?

Nicki Wood, Professional Basics: Ceramic Studio Supply Grant

Audrey Peck, Professional Basics: Photography Equipment

July 2021

Gayla Hollis, Professional Basics: Large Artworks, Demos, and Artist Tour & Talk

Jessica Teckemeyer, Creative Projects: Global Food Insecurities Exposed by COVID-19

LaQuincy Reed, Creative Projects: Black in the West

Ronn Burton, Community/Artist Partnership: Mix-Tape at Factory Obscura

Dominique McPhail, Education Assistance: Introduction to Encaustic Workshop

Michael Hoffner, Creative Projects: Movement

Amy Sanders De Melo, Professional Basics: Website and Branding Redesign by OKC BIPOC Designer

April 2021

Marie Casimir, Creative Projects: Notes on Survival 

Liz Blood, Creative Projects: Creative Field Guide to Northeastern Oklahoma

Gabriel Rojas, Professional Basics: Professional Development Aid

Perpetual Motion, Creative Projects: REWIND - A Collaboration with Factory Obscura

Cathryn Thomas, Professional Basics: New Studio

Deborah Burian, Professional Basics: Juxtaposition: Oil and Water

JP Morrison Lans, Professional Basics: Assistance with Application Fees

Kathy White, Education Assistance: High Road to Taos

Brenda Eidson, Education Assistance: High Road to Taos Workshop

January 2021

Julie Alpert, Creative Projects: Familiar Things Solo Exhibition at Ahha Tulsa

Lauren Rosenfelt, Community/Artist Partnership: Artistic Signage at the Norman Central Library

Tanner Bowen, Creative Projects: Bright Souls Mural Quilt

October 2020

Emma Difani, Community/Artist Partnership: Seed Reef

Shelby Head, Professional Basics: Am I That Name?

Carrie Kouts, Creative Projects: Dominion

July 2020

Alexander Walter Tamahn, Creative Projects: Anti-Venom Exhibition

Lucas Wrench, Creative Projects: Art, Archives, and Memory

Patrick Conlon, Creative Projects: You Are Here

Amy Rockett-Todd, Professional Basics: Evenheat Studio Pro 17 Glass Kiln

Cristiana Prado, Professional Basics: Offering and Guarding Exhibition

Nicole Emmons, Creative Projects: Commodification of the Sacred

April 2020

Gabriel Rojas, Professional Basics: Painting/Mixed Media Supplies

Jordan Vinyard, Creative Projects: Scummy Scummy No Fun Bunny Bunny

Amber DuBoise-Shepherd, Professional Basics: Framing and Matting of Mixed Media Piece

MariaLeticia Galizzi, Education Assistance: Painting Residency

Carol Webster, Education Assistance: Layers and Plates July 2020

January 2020

M J Alexander, Community/Artist Partnership: OF PERPETUAL SOLACE

Tess Elliot, Creative Projects: Grass Land

Krista Mustain, Creative Projects: Sleep Study

Nancy Peterson, Education Assistance: Convergence International Fiber Arts Conference

Kerry Billington, Professional Basics: 2020 Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts

October 2019

Sayuri Artsy, Education Assistance: Gamerome Conference
Maria Chaverri, Professional Basics: Paseo Plunge Solo Show
Jim Weaver, Creative Projects: The Long Hard Ride
Jennifer Bradley, Education Assistance: Stone Setting Course
Mariah Addis, Professional Basics: Living Table

July 2019

Ryan Davis, Education Assistance: Anderson Ranch Ceramic Workshop
Brian Lawes, Creative Projects: Lost Kings: Short Film
Jeff Van Hanken, Community Artist Partnership: We Slept by Creeks
Naima Lowe, Creative Projects: Ropes, Pinks.
Tali Weinberg, Creative Projects: Woven Climate Datascapes

April 2019

Eric Hoefer, Creative Projects: Architectonic Ceramic Vessel Exhibition and Public Lecture in Rome, Italy
Carla Waugh, Professional Basics: Exhibition Displays
Leslie Dallam, Professional Basics: Exhibition Framing
Sarah Ahmad, Creative Projects: Quilting Across Great Divides
Marilyn Artus, Creative Projects: Her Flag
Dan Farnum, Creative Projects: Young Blood
Christen Humphries, Professional Basics: Exhibition Framing
Eyakem Gulilat, Creative Projects: Humanity is the Foundation
Jenna Bryan, Community Artist Partnership: Zines Y’all

January 2019
Virginia Sitzes, Oklahoma City, Education Grant: Texchange
Colleen Thurston,Tulsa, Creative Projects Grant: Drowned Land
Jordan Vinyard, Mustang, Creative Projects Grant: Scumgullion
Danielle Weigandt, Norman, Creative Projects Grant: Creating Memories in Utopia

October 2018
Margaret Aycock, Tulsa, Community Artist Partnership Grant: Art of Healing
Lydia Cheshewalla, Skiatook, Creative Projects Grant: Ephemeral Reliquaries for Experience
Antone Dolezal, Bartlesville, Creative Projects Grant: Formula #5
Alexa Goetzinger and Emma Difani, Oklahoma City, Creative Projects Grant: Connect: Collect
Gabriel Rojas, Tulsa, Professional Basics Grant: Custom Frames

July 2018
Jack Bryant, Tulsa, Professional Basics Grant: Found on Side of Road
Jamil Jaser, Tahlequah, Creative Projects Grant: Then and Now
Darci Lenker, Norman, Creative Projects Grant: Tiny Masterpieces
Mandy Messina, Oklahoma City, Creative Projects Grant: Vermont Studio Centre
Laurence Myers Reese, Norman, Education Grant: NYC Study Trip and CoreAlign Workshop
Shannon Smith, Oklahoma City, Professional Basics Grant: Inclusion in Art 2018 Mentee Showing

April 2018
Nancy Andrasko, Tulsa, Education Grant: 5 Day Workshop with Peter Pincus
Crystal Z Campbell, Tulsa, Education Grant: Flaherty Film Seminar
Jason Cytacki, Norman, Creative Projects Grant: Midwestern Capriccio
Nicole Emmons, Oklahoma City, Creative Projects Grant: Domesti City
Mike Litzau, Edmond, Creative Projects Grant: Baseball in Japan
Trace Logan, Oklahoma City, Professional Basics Grant: Digital Composites Framing
Bryon Perdue, Midwest City, Professional Basics Grant: Works of Paper
Barbara Scott, Oklahoma City, Professional Basics Grant: Display Pedestals

January 2018
Sheridan Conrad, Oklahoma City, Education Grant: Chasing and Repousse Workshop
Reese Hadzeriga, Stillwater, Education Grant: Residencia Corazon
Mary Ketch, Norman, Professional Basics Grant: Artist Tent
Angie LaPaglia, Mulhall, Professional Basics Grant: Lucid
Beatriz Mayorca, Oklahoma City, Creative Projects Grant: [Evolve] Artistic Bike Rack
Haley Prestifilippo, Norman, Professional Basics Grant: Framing
Jordan Vinyard, Mustang, Creative Projects Grant: Addendum #2

October 2017
MJ Alexander, Oklahoma City, Creative Projects Grant: Oklahoma
Tammy Brummel, Oklahoma City, Professional Basics Grant: Mutable Landscape
David Holland, Oklahoma City, Professional Basics Grant: Clouds in Perpetual Motion
Holly Wilson, Mustang, Creative Projects Grant: Through the Lens

July 2017
Sarah Atlee, Oklahoma City, Education Grant: Artist Residency
Rena Detrixhe and Grace Grothaus, Tulsa, Creative Projects Grant: Wake
Mandy Messina, Oklahoma City, Professional Basics Grant: Professional Framing
Amy Sanders, Oklahoma City, Creative Projects Grant: Invisible Words for Hidden Messages
Jim Weaver, Ada, Education Grant: Watershed Summer Residency at Wingtip Press
Amy Young, Shawnee, Professional Basics Grant: Funds for Preparation to Apply to Grad School

April 2017
Rebecca Arman, Oklahoma City, Professional Basics Grant: Marketing and Display
James Cook, Oklahoma City, Creative Projects Grant: Digital Divas
romy owens, Oklahoma City, Community Artist Partnership Grant: Under Her Wing was the Universe
Liz Roth, Stillwater, Education Grant: Golden Foundation 2017 Residency
Audrey Schmitz, Tonkawa, Community Artist Partnership Grant: Hands in Clay
Timothy Walsh, Oklahoma City, Professional Basics Grant: Pottery Wheel Accessories
Nicki Wood, Stillwater, Education Grant: Watershed Ceramics Summer Session

January 2017
Nancy Andrasko, Tulsa, Education Grant: Watershed Summer Residency Session
Crystal Z Campbell, Tulsa, Education Grant: NCECA
Taylor Painter-Wolfe, Tulsa, Creative Projects Grant: Earth and Sky

October 2016
Justine Green, Tulsa, Professional Basics Grant: Purchasing Framing and Matting Materials
Keli Mashburn, Fairfax, Creative Projects Grant: Wah.shka
Angela Piehl, Stillwater, Creative Projects Grant: Exhibition Support
Amanda Weathers, Oklahoma City, Community Artist Partnership Grant: The Wild Illuminate
Jason Wilson, Hartshorne, Professional Basics Grant: Funding Towards Professional Photographs of Artwork

July 2016
Nancy Peterson, Norman, Education Grant: Convergence Conference Workshop: Mashru Scarf: Ikat in Indian Style with Natural Dye
Jordan Vinyard, Mustang, Creative Projects Grant: Orifice
Carolyn Wheeler, Tulsa, Creative Projects Grant: Osage Orange

April 2016
Randall Barnes, Midwest City, Professional Basics Grant:
Brian Landreth, Midwest City, Professional Basics Grant: Equipment for making prints
Monty Little, Tulsa, Professional Basics Grant: Nomenclature
Liz Roth, Stillwater, Creative Projects Grant: Energy Landscapes: Xiaoxiang International Printmaking Center Residency and Solo Art Exhibition
Gloria Shows, Oklahoma City, Professional Basics Grant: Artist Residency
Mark Zimmerman, Edmond, Education Grant: Advanced Course: Wet Collodion Workshop

January 2016
Felix Blesch, Ramona, Education Grant: Southern Graphics Council International 2016 Conference
Katelynn Knick, Norman, Education Grant: “Material, Image, & Place: an interdisciplinary approach,” a workshop with Letha Wilson
Adam Lanman, Oklahoma City, Community Artist Partnership Grant: Skyline : Timeline: a celebration of the changing face of Oklahoma City
Dallos Paz, Norman, Creative Projects Grant: Soul Education: The Life and Teachings of Sri B.N.S. Iyengar
Amy Sanders, Kellyville, Education Grant: National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts 50th Annual Conference