Past Artist Grant Recipients

October 2019

Sayuri Artsy, Education Assistance: Gamerome Conference
Maria Chaverri, Professional Basics: Paseo Plunge Solo Show
Jim Weaver, Creative Projects: The Long Hard Ride
Jennifer Bradley, Education Assistance: Stone Setting Course
Mariah Addis, Professional Basics: Living Table

July 2019

Ryan Davis, Education Assistance: Anderson Ranch Ceramic Workshop
Brian Lawes, Creative Projects: Lost Kings: Short Film
Jeff Van Hanken, Community Artist Partnership: We Slept by Creeks
Naima Lowe, Creative Projects: Ropes, Pinks.
Tali Weinberg, Creative Projects: Woven Climate Datascapes

April 2019

Eric Hoefer, Creative Projects: Architectonic Ceramic Vessel Exhibition and Public Lecture in Rome, Italy
Carla Waugh, Professional Basics: Exhibition Displays
Leslie Dallam, Professional Basics: Exhibition Framing
Sarah Ahmad, Creative Projects: Quilting Across Great Divides
Marilyn Artus, Creative Projects: Her Flag
Dan Farnum, Creative Projects: Young Blood
Christen Humphries, Professional Basics: Exhibition Framing
Eyakem Gulilat, Creative Projects: Humanity is the Foundation
Jenna Bryan, Community Artist Partnership: Zines Y’all

January 2019
Virginia Sitzes, Oklahoma City, Education Grant: Texchange
Colleen Thurston,Tulsa, Creative Projects Grant: Drowned Land
Jordan Vinyard, Mustang, Creative Projects Grant: Scumgullion
Danielle Weigandt, Norman, Creative Projects Grant: Creating Memories in Utopia

October 2018
Margaret Aycock, Tulsa, Community Artist Partnership Grant: Art of Healing
Lydia Cheshewalla, Skiatook, Creative Projects Grant: Ephemeral Reliquaries for Experience
Antone Dolezal, Bartlesville, Creative Projects Grant: Formula #5
Alexa Goetzinger and Emma Difani, Oklahoma City, Creative Projects Grant: Connect: Collect
Gabriel Rojas, Tulsa, Professional Basics Grant: Custom Frames

July 2018
Jack Bryant, Tulsa, Professional Basics Grant: Found on Side of Road
Jamil Jaser, Tahlequah, Creative Projects Grant: Then and Now
Darci Lenker, Norman, Creative Projects Grant: Tiny Masterpieces
Mandy Messina, Oklahoma City, Creative Projects Grant: Vermont Studio Centre
Laurence Myers Reese, Norman, Education Grant: NYC Study Trip and CoreAlign Workshop
Shannon Smith, Oklahoma City, Professional Basics Grant: Inclusion in Art 2018 Mentee Showing

April 2018
Nancy Andrasko, Tulsa, Education Grant: 5 Day Workshop with Peter Pincus
Crystal Z Campbell, Tulsa, Education Grant: Flaherty Film Seminar
Jason Cytacki, Norman, Creative Projects Grant: Midwestern Capriccio
Nicole Emmons, Oklahoma City, Creative Projects Grant: Domesti City
Mike Litzau, Edmond, Creative Projects Grant: Baseball in Japan
Trace Logan, Oklahoma City, Professional Basics Grant: Digital Composites Framing
Bryon Perdue, Midwest City, Professional Basics Grant: Works of Paper
Barbara Scott, Oklahoma City, Professional Basics Grant: Display Pedestals

January 2018
Sheridan Conrad, Oklahoma City, Education Grant: Chasing and Repousse Workshop
Reese Hadzeriga, Stillwater, Education Grant: Residencia Corazon
Mary Ketch, Norman, Professional Basics Grant: Artist Tent
Angie LaPaglia, Mulhall, Professional Basics Grant: Lucid
Beatriz Mayorca, Oklahoma City, Creative Projects Grant: [Evolve] Artistic Bike Rack
Haley Prestifilippo, Norman, Professional Basics Grant: Framing
Jordan Vinyard, Mustang, Creative Projects Grant: Addendum #2

October 2017
MJ Alexander, Oklahoma City, Creative Projects Grant: Oklahoma
Tammy Brummel, Oklahoma City, Professional Basics Grant: Mutable Landscape
David Holland, Oklahoma City, Professional Basics Grant: Clouds in Perpetual Motion
Holly Wilson, Mustang, Creative Projects Grant: Through the Lens

July 2017
Sarah Atlee, Oklahoma City, Education Grant: Artist Residency
Rena Detrixhe and Grace Grothaus, Tulsa, Creative Projects Grant: Wake
Mandy Messina, Oklahoma City, Professional Basics Grant: Professional Framing
Amy Sanders, Oklahoma City, Creative Projects Grant: Invisible Words for Hidden Messages
Jim Weaver, Ada, Education Grant: Watershed Summer Residency at Wingtip Press
Amy Young, Shawnee, Professional Basics Grant: Funds for Preparation to Apply to Grad School

April 2017
Rebecca Arman, Oklahoma City, Professional Basics Grant: Marketing and Display
James Cook, Oklahoma City, Creative Projects Grant: Digital Divas
romy owens, Oklahoma City, Community Artist Partnership Grant: Under Her Wing was the Universe
Liz Roth, Stillwater, Education Grant: Golden Foundation 2017 Residency
Audrey Schmitz, Tonkawa, Community Artist Partnership Grant: Hands in Clay
Timothy Walsh, Oklahoma City, Professional Basics Grant: Pottery Wheel Accessories
Nicki Wood, Stillwater, Education Grant: Watershed Ceramics Summer Session

January 2017
Nancy Andrasko, Tulsa, Education Grant: Watershed Summer Residency Session
Crystal Z Campbell, Tulsa, Education Grant: NCECA
Taylor Painter-Wolfe, Tulsa, Creative Projects Grant: Earth and Sky

October 2016
Justine Green, Tulsa, Professional Basics Grant: Purchasing Framing and Matting Materials
Keli Mashburn, Fairfax, Creative Projects Grant: Wah.shka
Angela Piehl, Stillwater, Creative Projects Grant: Exhibition Support
Amanda Weathers, Oklahoma City, Community Artist Partnership Grant: The Wild Illuminate
Jason Wilson, Hartshorne, Professional Basics Grant: Funding Towards Professional Photographs of Artwork

July 2016
Nancy Peterson, Norman, Education Grant: Convergence Conference Workshop: Mashru Scarf: Ikat in Indian Style with Natural Dye
Jordan Vinyard, Mustang, Creative Projects Grant: Orifice
Carolyn Wheeler, Tulsa, Creative Projects Grant: Osage Orange

April 2016
Randall Barnes, Midwest City, Professional Basics Grant:
Brian Landreth, Midwest City, Professional Basics Grant: Equipment for making prints
Monty Little, Tulsa, Professional Basics Grant: Nomenclature
Liz Roth, Stillwater, Creative Projects Grant: Energy Landscapes: Xiaoxiang International Printmaking Center Residency and Solo Art Exhibition
Gloria Shows, Oklahoma City, Professional Basics Grant: Artist Residency
Mark Zimmerman, Edmond, Education Grant: Advanced Course: Wet Collodion Workshop

January 2016
Felix Blesch, Ramona, Education Grant: Southern Graphics Council International 2016 Conference
Katelynn Knick, Norman, Education Grant: “Material, Image, & Place: an interdisciplinary approach,” a workshop with Letha Wilson
Adam Lanman, Oklahoma City, Community Artist Partnership Grant: Skyline : Timeline: a celebration of the changing face of Oklahoma City
Dallos Paz, Norman, Creative Projects Grant: Soul Education: The Life and Teachings of Sri B.N.S. Iyengar
Amy Sanders, Kellyville, Education Grant: National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts 50th Annual Conference

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