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Fellowship Application Guidelines

Each applicant should submit only the following:


Recent resume. It is recommended that your resume include a record of professional activity such as exhibitions, visual arts related employment, awards, publications and educational background. Resumes should be no more than three pages.


Artist statement. The statement should explain the nature and significance of the work submitted and should not exceed one page.


Artwork Samples. 10 jpeg images of your work. You may include both full views and details of work, but you may not submit more or less than 10 images. The files must be labeled only with the last name of the artist and numbers that correspond to the numbered image list (For example: Smith01.jpg). Please do not include spaces or special characters in file names. Do not place text on top of your images or include any graphic elements that are not a part of the artwork. If you have any questions about how your images and/or image list should be formatted, please contact


For Media/Video/Film artist submissions: Please submit one sample reel with a maximum length of ten minutes, which may include no more than three work samples. Media submissions should come as a URL to an embedded video, or as a MP4/MOV file.


Typed Image List or Video Summary. List must include the image number, title, medium, dimensions, and created year. Video summaries should include a brief summary of each work submitted with URL (if applicable), clip length, title, year work was completed and applicant’s specific role per each work sample submitted, e.g. director, screenwriter, etc.

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