Grants for Artists

The purpose of OVAC’s granting program is to foster Oklahoma’s visual artistic creative excellence. The grants committee supports the mission of OVAC and scores submissions based on the merit of each application according to the pertinent grant category and its associated criteria. Grant recipients must have held at least 12 months residency in Oklahoma prior to the submission deadline.


Grant cycles are quarterly. Proposals must be received by January 15, April 15, July 15, or October 15.

Individuals can only have their name attached to one application per cycle.

If you are awarded for a quarterly grant, you have to wait one year before reapplying. 

Recipients of Art 365, Concept Focus, and Momentum Spotlight are not eligible to apply within one year of their reward disbursement of the stated programs. 

The Grants Committee reviews proposals based on criteria found in the application forms. Artists may expect notification within four weeks of the application deadline. Payment can be issued two weeks after notification of awarded projects.

The Grants Committee reserves the right to not fund projects if there is a lack of quality applications.

Professional Basics Grant

  • Up to $500 

  • For essentials of getting started: quality artwork samples, display/framing, shipping or website development.

  • Evaluated by measuring the quality of the project and the applicant’s ability to complete the project.

Creative Projects Grant

  • Up to $1,500

  • For creating new work that will culminate in a public event focused on artist’s own work.

  • Evaluated based on four items: the concept of the project, the quality of the artwork, how career-altering the opportunity is, and the applicant's ability to complete the project.

Education Assistance Grant

  • Up to $500 

  • For conferences, studio workshops, or study trips.

  • Evaluated by measuring the quality of the educational opportunity and the applicant’s abillity to complete the project.

Community/Artist Partnership (CAP) Grant

  • Up to $1,200 

  • For initiating community-based projects leading to artwork creation.

  • Evaluated based on three things: the benefit to the community from this project, the concept of the project, the quality of the artwork, and the applicant’s ability to complete the project.

OVAC staff does not serve on the grant committees, only coordinates the program. Because of this, the staff is available to answer questions regarding the grants and application process. To ensure accessibility, the previous grants coordinator, Hayley Olson, created recurring office hours to answer questions or review applications prior to the deadlines. The office hours will take place the week before each deadline and will have five, thirty-minute sessions. Participants are asked to prepare the application prior to their session for review.

OVAC Artist Grants

Office Hours


Summer Selection Committee

Award Period April 16th - July 15th

Professional Basics & Education Assistance Committee 

Suzanne Thomas

Bob Curtis

Stephen Kovash

Mary Kathryn Moeller

Creative Projects & Community/Artists Partnership Committee

Kirsten Olds

Erin Duncan O'Neill

Amena Butler 

Romy Owens