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The Oklahoma Curatorial Fellowship trains up to eight emerging curatorial Fellows through hands-on workshops, mentorship, writing, exhibitions, and public programming.

Important Announcement

In the spirit of adapting to the dynamic world we live in, influenced notably by the pandemic's financial effects, and with a keen focus on resource management, OVAC is taking a reflective pause on the Oklahoma Curatorial Fellowship program. 


OVAC deeply values this program and understand its immense impact on emerging curators and the broader Oklahoma arts community. As we navigate these challenges, we remain committed to cultivating and expanding Oklahoma's visual arts community. We've jumped into strategic planning and evaluation with renewed energy and focus—strengthening our partnerships and creating an even more vibrant and resilient arts community in Oklahoma.


We want to assure everyone that we are working behind the scenes, scouting the landscape for when the Fellowship program might return. While we eagerly anticipate that day, we are also exploring ways to involve our applicants and partners in other exciting opportunities.


Your patience and understanding are appreciated as we evolve and adapt, and we promise to keep you updated with every step of this journey.

Past Fellows

Click here to view blog posts written by past fellows to promote critical and thoughtful dialogue on contemporary art and curatorial practice.


See our last cohort below:

Snapshot of Art Focus article header by 2018–2019 Fellow, Marjorie Bontemps.

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