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National Grant Foundation - Open Classes

All classes and resource materials are direct, practical and easily understood.

Open to all; no previous experience is assumed or required. Each class is presented in a single session.

For complete information, visit us at

Grant Writing – this comprehensive class will teach you the essentials of researching and applying for grants. The class consists of five sections: 1. Evaluating your Needs & Resources, 2. General Fundraising, 3. Finding Grants, 4. Grant Applications & Proposals, 5. Grant Management. Length: 3 hours.

Fundraising – a comprehensive overview of the most effective fundraising tools, programs, and strategies for nonprofit organizations and individuals. Major topics covered include traditional fundraising methods, online fundraising and grant funding. Length: 90 minutes.

Excel - this hands-on, comprehensive class will teach you all the essential elements of Microsoft Excel including formatting, customization, formulas, functions, data analysis, pivot tables, charts and shortcuts. Perfect for everyone; no experience is required. Length: 3 hours.

Non-Profit Marketing – best practices to market both sides of your non-profit: your mission and your fundraising programs. Length: 90 minutes

Email Marketing - learn the best practices and essential tools and platforms (including Mail Chimp and Constant Contact) to implement and evaluate your email marketing goals.  Perfect for everyone; no experience required. Length: 90 minutes.

How to Find and Apply for Grants – this shorter, streamlined version of our comprehensive Grant Writing Class will teach you how to find appropriate, attainable grants and how to successfully apply for them. Length: 2 hours.

Understanding Grants – an overview of the grant writing process, the different types of available grants and eligibility requirements for each. Ideal for those considering if and when to apply for grant funding. Length: 90 minutes.

How to Become a Grant Writer – provides a strong and specific explanation of the grant writing process and the steps necessary to become a freelance grant writer. Length: 3 hours.

QuickBooks - this complete training class is designed to quickly teach you the fundamental elements and best practices of QuickBooks to help you avoid mistakes, find answers to accounting problems and improve cash flow. No prior experience is assumed or required. Length: 3 hours.

WordPress - WordPress is a versatile website publishing platform that is rapidly becoming the standard for business websites. This hands-on course will show you how to build, update and manage a website using WordPress. No experience or technical background is required. Includes a section on auto-embedding that can be used for video streaming and real estate listings, as well as other media. Length: 3 hours.

Social Media Marketing - this class takes a three part approach to social media marketing. First, you will learn how to evaluate and select the correct social media platforms for your business so that you can utilize social media in a time efficient manner. Second, you will receive instruction on the best practices for the specific platforms most relevant to your business. Third, you will learn practical strategies and simple tools to limit the time you need to spend on social media, including dashboard services. Length: 3 hours.

PowerPoint - this hands-on, comprehensive course will teach you all the essential elements of Microsoft PowerPoint including slide presentations, templates, masterslides, pictures, art, sound, video, animation, transitions and integration. Perfect for everyone; no prior experience is required. Length: 2 hours.

PivotTables (in Excel) - contrary to popular opinion, PivotTables are not difficult to understand; they are a powerful tool that can be created quickly and easily to simplify data analysis. Perfect for those of all comfort levels.

Customized Training – customized, in depth training for you or your organization in any and all aspects of grant writing, fundraising, and marketing – including your current, in progress grant proposals, as well as Excel, QuickBooks, WordPress and all other class subjects. Length: scheduled by the hour.

We have morning, afternoon and evening sessions for all of our classes. Class times are listed as eastern time, but all online classes are available coast to coast.


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