We Are Not Satisfied: A Virtual Protest

Show everyone your frustration.
Show everyone your hope.
Show everyone you matter.

“We Are Not Satisfied: a Visual Protest” is a summer-long exhibition of art by persons of color. Everyone within that category is welcome to bring a piece of their art for inclusion in the exhibition. It doesn’t matter if it’s paintings, poetry, photographs, drawings, protest signs, or anything in between, everything is welcome. It also doesn’t matter if you’re a professional artist, an amateur, a student, an adult, or a child. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about framing your art. Just bring it in and we’ll figure out how to display it. We have a lot of wall space, and we want you to fill it.

You can bring your art anytime during our regular business hours (11:00a to 3:00p, M-F). If you don’t live in Lawton, OK, and don’t want to drive, you can send it instead. However, you will need to include prepaid postage back to you, or indicate that you are donating your piece to the Leslie Powell Gallery. Regardless of how it gets here, we need you to tell us a little about the art, so please include the following information: your name, the title of the art or if it’s untitled, what you used to make it (oil paint, graphite pencil, marker, etc), and your address and phone number. If you are open to selling it, include a price too. If it does sell, we won’t charge you a commission.

Our hope is that this exhibit will continue to evolve all summer, with artwork constantly coming in. If you can get your art to us in June, perfect! If it’s July, that’s still ok. If you can’t get it to us until August, we will still include it, right up until the last day of the exhibit.

“We Are Not Satisfied” is open to all people of color regardless of age, location, or artistic ability. If this is the first piece of art you’ve ever created, that’s fine. In fact, we encourage it! The only restriction is that we kindly ask our white friends to sit this one out. If, however, you are a white ally, please share this so that we can help our friends in their fight against oppression.

This exhibition will run all summer through 28 August. We will plan to have a special all-day reception on Saturday, 8 August. If you have any questions, please message us directly, email us at lpartgallery@gmail.com , or call/text Matt at 580 951-0590.

Leslie Powell Gallery

Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition

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