SEIAA Indigenous Gender Identity @TAC Gallery

Curated by Kristin Gentry. August 7th to 31st, 2020. Opening Reception August 7th 6pm.

ABOUT THE THEME (please create and submit your art that reflects the theme)

This exhibition will focus on the gender identity, two-spirit, non-binary,  gender fluid, and all other explorations of these within the tribal and contemporary contexts of the artist. Indigenous Gender Identity varies from person to person, tribe to tribe. Representation Matters. This exhibition invites Indigenous artists to create their own narrative for what they look like as Indigenous people, how they decide to depict gender, and for how we want to express to the community how we want to be viewed in relation to Indigenous Gender Identity. Two-Spirit is a term used by many Indigenous North Americans to describe their tribal people in their communities who fulfill a traditional non-binary, other gender-variant, and or ceremonial roles in their cultures.

In addition to the exhibition itself, members of SEIAA will hold a live Print Action during the exhibition. Participation is not required, but encouraged! The Current SEIAA board will provide education and hands-on training to perform silkscreen prints. The Print Action will benefit the TAC Gallery, a non-profit, volunteer ran gallery. They're community involved, and bring lots of fun interaction. (Print Action Date TBA)


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