Plant the Seed.
Inspire Through Eco-Art Competition 2022.

Young artists, ages 5-22, will create a piece of art, either 2-D or 3-D, that illustrates the message of the theme: Plant the Seed.  Contestants can use any medium or combination of media as long as the work meets the size requirements designated in the Official Rules.

The artwork should address this year’s theme of Plant the Seed. The subject matter of the art can center around different aspects of this theme. It could focus on the benefits of creating a rain garden to protect a watershed, a community garden to support an urban area, or regenerative farming to improve both water quality and climate change. One could also apply the theme to the planting of a tree as a means to combat the effects of deforestation, increase CO2 capture or habitat security for wildlife. The idea that planting seeds for a garden promotes the health of pollinator populations could also fit into this concept. The theme could also be interpreted more figuratively to imply that like planting a seed, taking an action in connection to any environmental problem can grow into sustainable solutions. These are just a few ideas and should no way limit the artist into how the theme can be represented.

Cash Awards

  • Div I (Ages 5-9)-1st Place-$250; 2nd Place-$125

  • Div II (Ages 10-13)-1st Place-$500; 2nd Place-$250

  • Div III (Ages 14-18)-1st Place-$1000; 2nd Place-$500

  • Div IV (Ages 19-22)-1st Place-$1500; 2nd Place-$1000

Honorable Mentions will also be recognized with non-cash awards.




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January 24, 2022, 6:00:00 AM