NOW-FRIENDS, Artist Residency, Kenya Program

One artist will be selected to stay as a guest for a two week residency, lodging accommodations will be at HOF base of operations located in Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya. HOF home base is located in a very safe area known as Olympic. NOW-FRIENDS ; Artist Residency, Kenya gives artists the opportunity to immerse themselves in real communities and obtain authentic experiences. Artists are encouraged to step out of what they would typically consider their work. We want you to step back and take a look at how you perceive making art. While in residency artists can take the opportunity to work with community members on a collaborative project; such as an artist book, or visit other artists working in Kenya to better understand a new perspective. Artists are encouraged to work with materials sourced in their surroundings to expanded their ideas of media.

NOW Open Studio

Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition

1720 N. Shartel Ave. Suite B

Oklahoma City, OK 73103


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