FC Tulsa Art of Sport

FC Tulsa wants to honor and be a brand for all Tulsans - and there’s no better way than letting Tulsans truly create a brand for Tulsa. FC Tulsa is looking to highlight and host local visual artists of all backgrounds, ages, abilities, and stories as the “matchday poster” designer for all 2020 regular season matches. Beyond a matchday poster, artists will have the opportunity for their designs to expand into limited-edition print, merch, or art pieces. This design will serve as the primary matchday look among game presentation LED, social media, etc. all directing back to the artist and whatever work you would like to promote!

“Art of Sport” artists will retain 20% of the profit gained from their limited-edition item sold at the FC Tulsa Merch store. FC Tulsa will not sell your design for profit without you agreeing upon the selling terms - including an opportunity to support a local charity.

ahha Tulsa

Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition

1720 N. Shartel Ave. Suite B

Oklahoma City, OK 73103


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