Distress: Distrust

Little D Gallery:

DISTRESSED: DISTRUST. This year may be one of the most important election of our lives. We face fighting for our rights, democracy and injustices, while at the same time navigating a global pandemic with the poorest leadership in American history. People’s lives are on the line and WE THE PEOPLE have the power to have our voices heard. As artists, we have the ability to use our creative outlets to inspire, encourage, and shine lights in areas that may be dim. This is such an important time for art and artists to share their expressions of societal and political opinions. Translating our current affairs into works that will go down in history and empower us all to stand up for what we believe in, and fight against injustices that encompass our country.

We are looking for artwork that has been politically inspired. It can be inspired by history, Women’s Rights, Racial or gender Inequality, Immigration, Healthcare, the innerweavings of the political system..etc. Show will be located at Little D Gallery. September thru October, before the elections in November. DM @littledgallery on instagram images of your work or email littledgallery@gmail.com Deadline August 15th. Show date Sept. 4th. More details to follow after Deadline.


Little D Gallery


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Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition

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