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Connect:Collect 2023 Print Exchange

Connect: Collect is a national print exchange for artists working with traditional, printmaking processes which annually seeks to connect artists across great distances. This project is designed to connect and encourage artists to create original print editions that will be exchanged and exhibited as a collection. With this project we hope to bring together printmakers from across the country to feature the growing contemporary art scene in Oklahoma City and highlight the often misunderstood art of printmaking.

The theme of Connect: Collect 2023 is Friendship–which was the inspirations for starting  this print exchange. As organizers and friends, we have found that printmakers by nature are collaborative-willing the share space and skills freely. In our 5 years of organizing this project, we have found it to be relatively easy to cultivate relationships between great distances based on this shared medium and spirit. This years theme will focus on these roots of friendship and connection. Friendships shift, evolve, blossom and fade as circumstances change. Consider how specific relationships or friendship as a whole impacts your creative process, your sense of self or daily life. Theses prints can be dedications to specific individuals, celebrations of the joys or the challenges of keeping and building friendships, or memories captured. You can also use this theme as a starting point to explore other ideas about relationships and connection.




Contact Email


February 15, 2023 at 6:00:00 PM

Oklahoma City, OK

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