Apply to be a Featured Artist: Art Crit Night on August 12

The artists selected for the Art Crit Night will share their work in the Zoom meeting by screen sharing images of their work with the group. This helps artists to easily share and for viewers to see clear images of work on any laptop screen. The bonus of meeting online is that artists can share more work, as well as large work, installation, and video, etc. more easily than meeting at studios, for example. It can be hard to see the surface quality of the artwork but detail shots can be taken to help with this. Performance must be shared via video documentation. Artists can also share their website or other materials (i.e. residency application, artist statement) if they want the critique to focus on those materials rather than the body of work.

If you are an artist who wants to have their artwork critiqued by a professional curator, click here to apply! Jennifer reviews all of the submissions and selects the artists who are featured. The two selected artists will receive a $50.00 honorarium for their participation in this event. The pool stays open from month-to-month, but to be considered for the August Art Crit Night, submit by July 23rd!


Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition


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July 23, 2021, 5:00:00 AM