2022 Arts Travel Grant Awards Available to Norman Artists

2022 Arts Travel Grant Award

Administered by the Norman Arts Council, the arts travel grant fund was designed to benefit artists of demonstrated merit and ability, providing the opportunity and freedom of travel. Since 2014, Oklahoma artists Marwin Begaye, Douglas Shaw Elder, Sarah Engel-Barnett, Skip Hill, Debby Kaspari, Mayumi Kiefer, Solomon Mahlatini, Beatriz Mayorca, Eric Piper, Liz Roth, Craig Swan and Holly Wilson have been able to travel to conferences, retreats and journeys of inspiration across the world because of awards from the fund, spreading Oklahoma’s creativity to others in the process.

The 2022 Travel Grant window is live now and up through Friday, June 17, 2022.


DEADLINE: June 17, 2022 at midnight CST

The Norman Arts Council announces its 2022 Artist Travel Grant Application.  This fund was designed to benefit artists of demonstrated merit and ability, providing the opportunity and freedom of travel for artistic pursuits.

Artists identifying with an ethnic, cultural, sexual, gender, economic, or ability minority are encouraged to apply.

Artists must live in Norman, OK.

Two AWARDS at $1,500 each

Recipient will be required to sign an agreement that the award will be used strictly for the purposes outlined in the Project Narrative.


Applications for the award will be reviewed by a selection committee of the Norman Arts Council according to the policies of the NAC and considering the following criteria:

1. Artistic excellence, originality, and ability to produce a consistent body of work as evidenced by representation of past work in images and other supporting materials.
2. Thoughtful proposed use of funds.
3. Ability to be a good representative of the Norman community during travels.


All artists must:

1. Have resided in Norman, OK for at least the past 12 months.
2. Submit a completed application by June 17, 2022 via this website
3. Be over the age of 18.


Submissions must be submitted electronically via this form. Paper submissions will not be accepted. Application must include:

1.  Electronic Application
2.  Artist Bio
3.  CV - Emphasize your past exhibition and project experience
4.  Travel Narrative– Including:
    a.  The purpose of your travel
    b.  How it will support your work as an artist
    c.  Desired outcomes of the travel experience

5.  Travel Budget – Please be as detailed as possible noting the use of the Travel Grant funds along with any other funds your project will require. The budget must include:
    a.  Expenses - itemized and with notes if necessary
    b.  Income – include the Travel Grant along with details of any other funds and their sources.
    c.  Matching funds are not required
    d.  “In kind” donations should also be noted as off-setting income

6.  Work Samples - Include a minimum of FIVE (5) and a maximum of TEN (10) recent (nothing more than 5 years old) samples of your work, that represent your work Samples maybe be images, audio files, video files, or presentation files

7.  Work Sample ID Sheet - Include Title, year, medium, and brief description of the each for each image.

8.  Additional Support Materials - You may include additional materials that you feel will help support your application, including letters of recommendation.

For questions, please reach out to the Norman Arts Council at cher@normanarts at least 24 hours prior to the application deadline.

The Norman Arts Council reserves the right to withhold any awards based on the lack of qualified proposals.


Norman Arts Council


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June 17, 2022, 5:00:00 AM

Norman, Oklahoma