2021 Paseo Arts Festival Performer Application

Memorial Day Weekend 2021
Saturday, September 4
Sunday, September 5
Monday, September 6

Monday, June 14 at 11pm

• All applications must be submitted through this form. Please contact paige@thepaseo.org or call 405-525-2688 if you need assistance with the application or need to submit via other means.

• There is no financial compensation for this performance. The Paseo Arts Festival is a fundraiser for the Paseo Arts Association and musicians/performers donate their time to our cause. You are able to accept tips and sell merchandise during your performance.

• Sets are 45 minutes - 1 hour long.

• There are two stages - North and South. Assignments are made based on music genre, equipment and number of performers. There is no "main" stage.

• This is a family-friendly event. Performers with explicit or graphic lyrics will not be selected.

Saturday, Sunday & Monday
Singer/songwriter, jazz, instrumental, acoustic, etc.
No drum kits are permitted on the north stage.

Equipment provided
2 EV ETX 15" Speakers
2 EV ETX 18" Subs
2 EV ETX 12" Monitors
1 Mackie 16ch mixer
1 Mic package for acoustic acts
1 Mic stand package
1 All necessary cabling (no 1/4" guitar cables)

Saturday, Sunday & Monday
Rock, country, rap, electronic, dance/performance groups, etc.

Equipment Provided
2 EV QRX 212 Speakers
2 EV QRX 2x18" Subs
4 EV TF1152 Floor Monitors
1 Yamaha TF1 32ch mixer
1 Full band mic package
1 Band mic stand package
1 All necessary cabling (no 1/4" guitar cables)


Performers will be notified of selection via email no later than Friday, June 25 with the date of their performance only in order to confirm availability. The final lineup will be sent out by Wednesday, July 14.

All communication will be done via email, then by phone if I can not reach applicants. Please ensure that I have your most up to date information.


For questions, please e-mail paige@thepaseo.org or call 405-525-2688


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