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Artist Statement

“Glassblowing for me is a team sport, working with others to create a vision. There is a willingness to grow and change with adversity; shaping the glass like our lives. I create with a love of the art and with memory of everyone who helped shape me along the way.”

Artist Bio

Andy with a love of teaching and a love of glass, Andy is able to translate the glass blowing experience for others to help them learn the process. Classified as an emerging glass blower, Andy started blowing in 1999 under the tutelage of his Aunt Connie Christopher. He went on to open Blue Sage Studios in March of 2003, marking the date as the beginning of his glassblowing career. With his primary employment as a full time middle school teacher, Andy blows glass every chance he can. Andy and his friends can be found most every weekend and weeknight at his glass studio in the Midtown area of OKC. Always evolving, the studio continues to grow and develop and has become a destination for lovers and seekers of fine art glass.

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