Oklahoma City, OK

Painting, Acrylic

My paintings are about life in all of its loud, messy, and vibrant glory.

Artist Statement

Life is messy.


It is a loud, brash, and vibrant cacophony of sound and color played mostly out of tune. And, yet we find space for joy and happiness through it all. My work is a representation of Black women’s beauty and grace. I paint to honor their curls. Their curves. Their skin. Their bodies. My own.


I want viewers to feel seen so they can truly see each other with the intention that just as a small ripple may become a great wave, so too may these small acts of rebellion inspire a wave of change.

Artist Bio

Myriah S. Downs is a contemporary painter and graphic designer based in Oklahoma.


Her vibrant paintings are an exploration of femininity using bold colors, contrasting textures, & oversized scale. Her work is an intimate examination of race, gender, and fragility through her perspective as a Black woman. Myriah's work seeks to encourage acceptance by inspiring viewers to look deeper as when we truly know ourselves, we can fully accept one another.


Myriah’s work has been featured in various exhibitions throughout the United States and is currently displayed in private collections. Myriah served as lead designer for political campaigns and an in-house designer for non-profits and a lobbying firm before forming Oklahoma City based graphic design studio, D+H Design. Myriah currently works as an painter and designer.


Myriah received her Bachelor of Arts from Arkansas State University and her Juris Doctorate from the University of Tulsa College of Law.

Empty Shapes
Empty Shapes

Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition

1720 N. Shartel Ave. Suite B

Oklahoma City, OK 73103


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