My experiences in nature inspire my art.

Artist Statement

Nature is my inspiration and growing up in the surrounding areas of the Magalies mountain range in South Africa, helped me form my artistic perspective. The vast combination of colors in plants and animals and the texture of tree bark, moss and rocks provide an infinite collection of material from which to draw inspiration.

Clay has a heavy and solid structure when fired, which gives the sense of stability. The malleability of the clay allows me to create texture using fabrics or organic material found in nature. This texture is accentuated using complementing colors to bring a visually pleasing and tactile experience to the user every time my art is handled.

Artist Bio

Michelle Herholdt’s work depicts themes of her childhood explorations of Southern Africa and her life experiences growing up in different regions around the Magalies mountain range.

Self-taught, Michelle has pursued a career as a studio potter in Edmond, Oklahoma since moving to the USA, from South Africa.

Working with clay has allowed her to express her unique perspective on American culture; influenced by the colors, textures, patterns, flora, and fauna she now experiences and remembers.

Protea Party
Protea Party
Flocking together
Flocking together
Flaming Courage
Flaming Courage

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